Quick Home Fixes: The Modern Valet Stand

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Having a matching outfit has always been one of the keys to success. Sharp-dressed individuals gain the attention of people with whom they are speaking, which is critical in the competitive business world.


Back in the “old days,” it was very common to have a wooden valet in the bedroom or dressing area. Here you could hang your jacket or blouse and accessorize with other items from your wardrobe to match the items before wearing them.


It was a simple thing that everyone appreciated.


However, modern urban housing often does not now allow for such “antiquated” luxuries. In fact, many of these newer apartments have only enough room for a bed and dresser in the sleeping areas, making a valet a thing of the past.


But, people still want to look good and make sure that their clothing matches before they leave the house.


Since you do not want to get dressed in your living room area, there are items that you can purchase that will provide you with all of the benefits of having a personal valet in your dressing area without taking up valuable space.


The New Valet


Small closets can still provide you with the benefits of a valet by simply installing one of these fabulous gadgets. Any of the following valet devices can be easily installed into your closet regardless of your home improvement abilities.


And they are all relatively inexpensive:


    1. Slide Out Valet. This valet device is a very simple gadget that you secure to the side of your closet wall. It looks very similar to a sliding bolt lock. The device is installed with four screws and extends out eight inches when you want to use the valet. It easily glides back into place when you are finished. Made from stainless steel, this type of valet rod can be purchased from a local hardware store for less than $20.


    1. Valet Rod. A valet rod is attached to a side wall of your closet and easily folds back when not in use. When you want to use it, simply pop it out and it extends out 12 inches, giving you sufficient room to hang several items at once. This rod does not retract or bend; therefore, you need to make sure when installing it that it will have enough room to fold back when not in use. Made from stainless steel, this item generally sells for about $20 at your local home improvement store.


    1. Folding Hook. These valets are very simple and are best used on the back of the closet door or in an area where you have limited space. The hooks are made to only hold about two items at a time. They are “L”-shaped and are secured to the wall or door with a few screws. Made from nickel-plated aluminum, these valets generally come in packs of two or three and cost about $10 for the pack.


    1. Foldable Fence Valet. This valet looks more like a collapsible picket fence than a valet. However, the folding features are perfect for any size closet and the construction of the valet is very sturdy. You can extend the valet out to hold five items and an extension strap can be used for more. This type of valet is very popular in European homes and can be purchased online or in a local store.


A little bit of creativity is all that is needed to bring back the benefits of the personal valet without compromising on space.


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