It’s an old real estate adage that is true now
as it ever was:

Location, Location, Location.

When you’re investing in and marketing real estate, location is going to be one of your key selling points and, if you don’t have great location, you can be sure it will be a major strike against you.

Today’s economic conditions have created an exciting time for real estate investors because it isn’t just a buyers’ market — it’s a buyers’ paradise. That means that there are lots of great properties in fabulous locations on sale for just a fraction of their values. Of course, undervalued properties can translate into big bucks for investors like you, too.

It also means that there are numerous properties out there that would be considered duds in any market. Unfortunately, people sometimes choose to buy less-than-ideal properties in less-than-desirable locations because they’ve gotten swept away by the sheer volume of properties available to them.

The excitement of a market like this can sometimes cause buyers to think they just can’t lose, when the reality is just the opposite. Yes, the market is ripe for the picking, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few bad apples in the bunch.