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1301 Chilt Dr
Brandon Florida 33510






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Chilt Dr Brandon Florida 33510

This home is located at Chilt Dr in Brandon, Florida, 33510. It may or may not be for sale at this time and/or in foreclosure. Be sure to search nearby homes located on the map above for even better real estate deals in the area - save as much as 50% or more off true market value. Find foreclosed for sale near Chilt Dr in Brandon, Florida 33510 as well as houses for rent nearby for a fraction of the cost. Act fast before these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities disappear forever!

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Short Sales

You've identified an ideal short sale property. Now what? Short sale properties represent tremendous opportunity to you as a buyer because they are aggressively priced to sell well below or just at fair market value.

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Indeed, the existing homeowners are typically distressed and eager to sell for less than what is owed on their mortgages. They are "underwater" and either can no longer afford their mortgage payments or are simply unwilling to continue to make them for various reasons.

On the flip side, lenders are often willing to agree to sale prices that are considerably less than what is owed on the current mortgages because the alternative is foreclosure, a costly, complicated and expensive process that will most likely only clog their non-performing asset pipeline further.

Therefore, once you identify a desirable short sale property, it's important to contact a local licensed real estate professional - or the listing agent - who can walk you through the negotiation and purchase process.

You need to act fast!

That's because short sales are time-sensitive. In addition, it's not a "traditional" transaction, meaning that it often takes longer - about four to six months on average - to close a deal.

But, more often that not, it's well worth the wait ... literally and figuratively.