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House Auctions

It's no longer a secret that you can pay considerably less than fair market value for a home if it is in foreclosure.

Finding the right property, however, makes all the difference.

With access to accurate information and better resources, more people like you are finding fantastic bargains at real estate auctions across the United States.

A lender or government agency will foreclose on a property if a homeowner is unable to make his or her mortgage payments on time. Because these organizations are not REALTORS®, the property usually goes to auction and is sold to the highest bidder to try and recoup as much money as possible.

Often, the goal for these lenders is to just break even and get their money back.

Whether you're looking to turn a quick profit or find a reasonable starter home, offers an array of diverse property types from which to choose. In fact, we offer more than 1.8 million preforeclosure, foreclosure, bankruptcy, FSBO and tax lien listings conveniently in one place.

Put simply, has something for everyone.

Like most investments, however, there are risks to purchasing a foreclosure at an auction. Each state has different laws and procedures, which you must be mindful of before submitting a non-refundable down payment. We don't want to see you get burned on a property because of a quirky loophole or lose your shirt because you didn't inspect the property beforehand.

Being prepared is critical.

In addition to providing you with fresh data and the most accurate listings in the nation, we also offer instructions on how to buy these properties in various stages of the foreclosure process. We also give you helpful hints and tips that will make your experience a positive one — and hopefully — lucrative.