THE RESULTS ARE IN! Scholarship Program

We would like to congratulate all the winners of the 2010 Scholarship Program, as well as thank all those who submitted essays.

It was an amazing all-around effort!

So many bright, young minds participated in 2010, offering a great assortment of ideas and solutions to help avert a future foreclosure crisis.

Here is the question we posed:

"How can education at the high school level help avert and/or minimize a future foreclosure crisis?"

And (cue drum roll) here are our winners:

Essay Contest Winner

$5,000 Scholarship Winner: Kaitlyn Shumelda

Congratulations to our grand prize winner! Kaitlyn attends the University at Albany — New York (SUNY). Read her essay here

$1,000 Scholarship Semifinalists:

Cortni Merritt, a junior at University of Central Florida.  Read essay
Kara Karpman, attends Duke University.  Read essay
James Balagia, attends Austin Community College.   Read essay
Kim Huffstetler, attends the University of Phoenix.  Read essay

Once again, the competition was fierce. And it was difficult for the team to narrow down the selections to the top 20 essays out of more than 1,000 submissions. But we did it, sending the top 20 essays to then be judged by college professors located throughout the country, who narrowed down the selection to one finalist and four semifinalists.

Once again, would like to thank the five winners, as well as all the participants who submitted essays to the competition.

If you are a student who was unable to enter the competition in 2010 don't dismay. is happy to announce its third scholarship currently in progress. We expect even greater success with our 2011 scholarship program.

For complete details on the 2011 Scholarship Program and the essay topic please click here.

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