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Filed by a lender, a lis pendens is the formal notice that starts the foreclosure process. Even though this is considered a pending lawsuit, the homeowner still has possession and the right to sell or refinance the property.

And, it represents a tremendous opportunity for homebuyers and investors to make money in the real estate market.

In states that require judicial foreclosure actions, lenders traditionally file a lis pendens to foreclose on a mortgage or deed-of-trust loan that is in default. On the other hand, a notice of default is used in states that follow non-judicial foreclosure laws.

In essence, depending on where the property is located, either a lis pendens or notice of default is issued to begin the foreclosure process.

A property is considered to be in preforeclosure from the day a lis pendens is filed until the day the property is sold at auction. The amount of time between these two dates varies greatly from state-to-state. Some states sell properties within 90 days from the first notice of default, for example, and others can take as long as 12 months.

Regardless, this window creates a valuable opportunity for an investor to purchase the property from the homeowner before the sale date, which can sometimes result in instant savings and equity in your home.

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