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If you have bought a new home or are moving out of the home you are in now, you are planning a big move. There are so many details that go into the actual move, from packing to making sure your possessions arrive on time and safe. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to ensure you have a smooth move.

How far in advance of moving do I need to start planning my move?

There are actually several answers to this question. Of course, the more time you have to plan a move the better. However, we realize this is not always possible. We recommend a four-week planning window; however, a move can be planned in a few days with good organization.

Who should I contact to let them know I am moving?

Start notifying your service companies to terminate and/or move the service. Good examples are landscapers, exterminators and utility companies. The postal service should also be notified of a forwarding address in case you forget to contact your bank, creditors and others from which you
regularly receive mail.

If you have school-age children, take care of transferring or getting copies of school records. Medical records may also be necessary to enroll your children in their new schools.

Do I use a professional mover or do it yourself (DIY) approach?

This decision should be made based on several determining factors. Cost is usually the most prevalent. Professional movers normally charge by the hour, will give you a flat fee or a combination of both, depending on the information you provide to the mover.

Once receiving your professional moving quote you can determine your budget and decide whether you want to DIY or hire a mover. Remember to include how much your time is worth, too. After all, time is money!

How long should I allow for packing my belongings to move?

We recommend several weeks prior to moving. Start making a list of what you want to take along with you to your next home, as well as what you want to throw away and/or donate. If you have a lot of belongings you are not taking with you, you may raise some extra money for the move by having a garage sale.

Once you are sure what items you are taking along on your move, start packing your boxes.

What are some packing tips to ensure an organized move?

When getting organized and making your list of what you are bringing with you, begin packing the items that will not be needed before your move like knick-knacks and Grandma's china. Always pack breakable items in plenty of old newspaper or tissue paper to reduce the chance of something shattering during the move.

Pack boxes by room. This will help you when unpacking and keep you organized. This way you can label each box by room and by item type. Tips for this include marking boxes (i.e. Kitchen and Utensils). Always mark breakable items on the box so others will be more careful when handling.

You can also color code boxes by room. This will make it easier for the movers when unloading boxes. If you are moving yourself it will keep you organized and could also be fun game to get the kids involved in helping you move.

How can I ensure my moving day goes smooth?

Moving is extremely stressful. The details can be overwhelming. The best defense is preparation.

Got pets and kids? Make sure your pets are confined during the move to alleviate any potential issues for your pet or the people moving your possessions. Kids can be kept occupied by helping move some of their small items they will be taking with them.

Remember to eat and drink plenty of fluids! Keep plenty of water and snacks around for everyone. Moving takes all day and it is important to be hydrated and fed to keep your energy up for the long moving day.

When all your belongings are ready to be moved to your new home, do a final walkthrough to make sure you didn't forget anything. This is also a good time to do a quick clean up. After all, you expect your new home to be clean.

I have to move out quickly ... any additional tips?

There are times in life where you have to move quickly. You may have just lost your home to foreclosure or accepted a new job out of town and have to start on Monday. Either way, this is an even more stressful move.

Moving out of your foreclosed home is not only stressful, but may also involve unpleasant issues depending on your situation. The key is not to let the unpleasantness cause you to make a rash decision, like destroying property or taking important appliances from the house.

If you follow the organizational moving and packing tips, we can hopefully alleviate some of the stress for you so you can make a smooth transition to your next home.

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