What Are Tax Lien Sales?

Tax sales offer a great way to get started in the real estate market. Counties across the nation offer amazing investment opportunities.

What Are Tax Lien Sales?

Tax lien sales are loaded with great deals, which can be rewarding and lucrative for investors with any level of experience. The best part is, there are literally thousands of tax liens available at public sales nationwide!

Put simply, it's one of safest ways to invest in real estate.

In most states, a county or municipality will issue a tax lien on a property if the owner hasn't paid his or her property taxes on time. A tax sale will help a county bring its delinquent property taxes up-to-date. At a tax sale, a county government will sell its right to the tax lien on a real estate property.

By purchasing a tax lien, you are essentially loaning money to the property owner to pay his or her taxes. In return, you can collect significant interest on your investment – up to 18 percent – if the delinquent property owner does pay his or her tax bill. And if the property owner doesn't pay his or her tax bill, you get to keep the entire property for the taxes and penalties owed.

Both scenarios will usually provide a solid return on your investment.

A tax sale must be announced to the public and is usually held in auction format. That means the highest bidder usually walks away with the right to collect on a delinquent taxpayer's debt – not his or her land.

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Tax Lien Sales

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