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What is a Zombie Foreclosure?

When a property owner defaults on a mortgage obligation, the bank or mortgage company that holds the mortgage may file a foreclosure action. If the property owner does not bring...

What is a Fixer Upper home?

Whether it’s been through pop culture, the news or even your neighbor you are bound to have heard the term “fixer upper” before, there is even a reality tv show...

What is a Preforeclosure?

As the name suggests, a pre-foreclosure (also spelled preforeclosure) is a property in the beginning of the foreclosure process. When a property is in this pre-foreclosure phase the homeowner still...

What is a Bankruptcy House and 5 benefits of buying one

Many people that are interested in purchasing discounted real estate overlook a very good source. The U. S. Bankruptcy court often has sales of properties and homes that are included...

Rent to Own Basics

Also known as a Lease Option Purchase, understand the details of a Rent To Own home as a smart buyer.

What is an "As Is" home for sale?

What does "as-is" really mean? To simply put it, when a buyer lists their property as “as-is” they are selling it in its current condition. This property could be listed...

Pros and Cons of buying a Foreclosure

Foreclosure occurs when a borrower defaults on his loan obligation and the lender takes legal action to take possession of the property. Approximately 10% of all home sales are foreclosures,...

What is a property Tax Lien?

Just as mortgage companies place liens against a property to perfect their claims for unpaid mortgage payments, municipalities can perfect their claims by filing tax liens for unpaid taxes. The...

What is a Rent to Own home?

Rent to own a home, offers a path to home ownership and provides a streamlined way to purchase a home today even though you’re not ready to do a traditional...

Buying a Foreclosure home? Get the Foreclosure Checklist

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How to get a good deal on a Foreclosed property?

Foreclosed properties often represent unique opportunities for real estate investing. At the same time there are risks that must be considered. This article sheds light on some of the common...

Checklist and Tips when applying for a Mortgage loan

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Investment Worksheet for Rental property cash flow analysis

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Home Buying Checklist and organizing your approach to buying a home

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2019 New Year’s resolution - Invest in Real Estate - Buy a Foreclosure

The best investment for 2019 is to buy real estate. Buy a foreclosure and maximise your return on investment.

How to buy a Foreclosure home? - Know the basics before you buy

Foreclosure is most often a regrettable tragedy for a homeowner. The circumstances that give rise to foreclosure, whereby a lender is forced to step in and perfect his interest in...